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Fun & Fitness: Our flagship 5 week programme

Our flagship fun and fitness programme incorporates various important health and fitness activities whilst also supporting School Fitness Ireland’s motto of exercising in a fun and non-competitive environment. The building blocks of this programme include Balance and Co-ordination, Dance, Stretching and flexibility, Resistance/conditioning, and Circuits. We work to enhance children’s Fundamental movement skills, gross motor skills and locomotor skills. Our main goal is that all the children involved enjoy each aspect of our programme, but we also want to ensure learning outcomes are achieved in each class. It is a fully inclusive programme and the children always seem to enjoy the diversity that this programme brings.

  1. Circuits session
    Cardiovascular, co-ordination and gross motor skills
  2. Dance aerobics
    Cardiovascular, co-ordination and gross motor skills
  3. Flexibility and balance
    Flexibility and balance development, mindfulness
  4. Strength training
    Strengthening developing muscles
  5. Anaerobic bootcamp and obstacle course
    Cardiovascular and co-ordination
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Our gymnastics programme is designed to use gymnastics based movements to practice and improve balance, co-ordination and many other essential skills for each child. It is a fully inclusive programme that can be adapted for any age/level if necessary. We work on movements such as tumbles, gymnastics poses and work towards the cartwheel where possible. The kids really enjoy the week by week progressions and are always up for the challenge.

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The most enjoyable and accessible way for kids to practice yoga is through the use of story and sound. As a result, children’s creativity and imaginations are nurtured alongside the numerous health benefits of physical movement through the different tales each week. For our childrens yoga class everyone can participate regardless of their physical abilities. The stories As the competitive element is not present in the yoga classroom, children are free to enjoy moving their bodies in interesting and fun ways in a space where everyone is equal. This develops self esteem and positive body image so children feel happy and confident in the skin they’re in!   At the end of all the moving, and holding, and being and breathing, the children will be more open to the stillness element of the class, with a greater ability to be completely relaxed one of the chief outcomes of our 5 week course. 

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Brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ)

Brazilian jiu jitsu is a grappling based sport where size and strength does not matter. The aim through out the teaching of this course is to demonstrate that a smaller person can take full advantage of a bigger opponent through technique and timing. During this program children will learn the fundamentals of BJJ through moment and play in a safe environment. 

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Our boxing programme has levels for both primary and secondary schools. Our goal during this programme is to teach the fundamentals of boxing while having fun.The course layout is so children will have an understanding of technique and footwork. Building balance, coordination and movement. 


Obviously there is no sparring work involved but typically children will get to use boxing gloves and focus pads which are usually popular (gloves are not currently in use due to Covid 19)

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A dance-based exercise class using fun and exciting music from Latin America and around the world. Dances focus on using every part of the body so are incredible for improving fitness levels and are great fun, so the children hardly even notice they are exercising!

Choreography is tailored to suit differing age levels and even children who don’t think they like dancing usually love Zumba! Suitable for all age levels.

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Irish Dance

We can dance for Fun, Fitness and Self Confidence! Irish Dance really increases overall fitness while also making improvements to balance, posture and coordination. It will also help children’s stamina and core strength! As if this isn’t enough it will bring increased ability to listen, follow instructions and memory building!

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Well-being Workshops

These 3- hour workshops are taught by a Registered Nurse with an MSc. in Advanced Nursing Practice.

  • Sexual Health
  • Fitness Health and Nutrition
  • Drugs and Alcohol (Secondary level only)
  • First Aid – for Teaching Staff

All the sessions involve detailed, comprehensive and up to date power point presentations– which are broken down into lecture, group and practical sessions. Each of the programmes are set to allow an exercise element to be incorporated within the 3-hour session (a Zumba, Fitsteps, Salsa or Abdominal Strength session).

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