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School Fitness Ireland is Irelands No.1 outsourced P.E provider trusted by over 300 principals nationwide. We provide expert professional coaches to both primary and secondary schools to deliver students favourite high quality, progressive and inclusive activities such as Gymnastics, Yoga, Boxercise, Dancing, Zumba, Karate and Self Defense.
Alongside this, we also provide various important workshops, which are vital to children and young peoples growth and development, delivered by health promotion officers, as well as clubs and camps all year round.


Irish schools today face an ever-growing challenge of fitting exercise and health promotion in an already busy curriculum.

At School Fitness Ireland we are helping schools around country meet this challenge by bringing in a fun inclusive exercise programme suitable to all ages and abilities.

Founded by Martin Sheehan in 2016, School Fitness Ireland has rapidly grown to become one of Ireland’s leading providers of non-competitive fitness training for children.

Meeting the challenge

The most alarming issue we identified with children today is the rapidly declining levels of flexibility and mobility alongside a sharp increase in back problems.

Back in 2008 we asked primary school classes to touch their toes, around 3 out of 4 managed to achieve this on the first effort. Since 2017, in all schools we engaged with, the average was down to just 1 in 4.

Our mission

At School Fitness Ireland our mission is three-fold:

1. To be the industry leader in child/young people exercise and fitness by providing the highest quality, progressive, inclusive and non- competitive exercise to students nationwide.

2. To make our service affordable to all so that everyone can engage in a healthy and active lifestyle.

3. To help children/young people find fun in fitness and encourage them to continue with exercise and a healthy lifestyle outside of school.

School Fitness Ireland, Pollardstown, Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, P67 AN29

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