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Covid 19 policy

COVID 19 Ready

We have been busy preparing over the last few months to give you the confidence to be assured when you book with us that the trainer you get will adhere to all guidelines. 

How prepared are our coaches regarding Covid 19 protocol?

  • All of our coaches have completed the highest level of Covid Prepared Training, the Covid 19 Lead Worker Training
  • They have also completed the basic Covid 19 Return to Work Protocol.
  • Any of our coaches that are First Aid Responders have completed the Covid 19 First Aid Training.
  • All of our classes can be delivered outside and preferably would be (weather permitting)

Our Cleaning Procedures:

  • All equipment is deep cleaned daily using a Milton mix before leaving any schools premises. We chose Milton as it is widely used for babies bottles and so must be strictly tested.
  • All children are given a standard antibacterial wipe for cleaning down the equipment they use after the session and the equipment will be a minimum of 10 minutes before being used again to allow time to set in. (If any child has allergies to wipes we ask the school to provide an alternative for them)
  • All of our matts are 100% reversible, so the children will wipe their surface at the end of the session before flipping for the next user.

Regarding PPE and Sanitization:

  • All of our coaches will bring their own personal sanitizer and will use it between sessions.
  • Children as per department guidelines should sanitize before leaving their classroom and upon reentering their classroom so have sanitized before entering the PE hall.
  • Coaches will have face masks with them should you require the coach to wear them

If you have any further queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.